Matt Frank Finally Writes

It was finally time. If one wants to be a writer one must write. I finally have begun to put my myriad of ideas and stories down on paper, or hard drive I guess. I will be using this blog as a site to post my most recent writings and story ideas. It will mostly be short stories and small parts of larger stories as I realize not many people will want to read an analysis on Achilles’s rage in the Iliad or a comparison of Hinduism and Jainism. Sometime it may just be my general musing of the day but I know that can also be a bore. So get your reading glasses on and sit down with a nice glass of bourbon ( or wine or a beer, but preferably bourbon)  and start reading. And please send me your feedback. If it is the greatest thing you’ve ever read and were moved to tears by the beauty  and poetry of it, let me know. If it is the hottest trash you have ever read and it has turned you off reading for life and possibly burned your retinas with its ghastly prose, also let me know. Or if I used your instead of you’re and you just want to roast me for it, please by all means roast away. All in all, writers create for other’s enjoyment as well as our own so please enjoy.

Matt Frank